Anjanshalaka Pran Pratistha

“Anjanshalakha Pran Pratistha” is rather a familiar concept to us but we are very unfamiliar about the significance and importance of the actual procedure behind it. We have seen the glamour and pomp of the event but never pondered to understood its true essence.

Let’s try to get to know the term “Anjanshalakha Pran Pratistha” a bit better today.

Infusion of life in an Idol, Installation of “living-ness” in an idol, is the crux of Pran Pratistha. Lets dive deeper into it.

Initiation of life in an idol are based on thorough scientific calculations and well thought-out intentions, based on procedures, rules and regulations laid thousands of years ago in Agam Shastras by the enlightened wise Seers and Sages of Jinshashan.

Pure and positive energies, from the consciousness of the liberated souls who reside in the state of Nirvana at Siddhashila, is aligned to consecrate and initiate in to the idol by various powerful procedures and mantras under the guidance of an Acharya and Anuyogacharya only.

In the process of initiation of the idol as the Lord himself, the auspicious PANCH KALYANAK is performed on the idol beginning from Chyavan Kalyanak and ultimately perform Keval Gyan Kalayanak when the “ANJAN VIDHI” and “ADHI VASANA” are performed at midnight. The murti is embodied by the holy letters of “PANCH KALYANAK” where the idols energies transform into powerful, strong, spiritual vibrations & waves to take the form of a “life-like” Tirthankar.

A special Collyrium or ANJAN is prepared to adorn the eye of the idol during the procedure of Anjan Vidhaan by the Acharyas to initiate the idol into a living “Tirthankar”.

All the procedures are derived from centuries old highly sacred texts and literature accessible & permissible to the Acharyas and Anuyogacharyas only.

The aura of the idol (Jin Pratima) invoke pure, powerful vibrations of peace, compassion, love, devotion encompassing it. It creates a positive impact on the body, minds & souls of the devotees who worship it, which ultimately paves the path for the spiritual upliftment of the soul. Better concentration and meditative state can be easily achieved around the idol.

Hence, Jin Pratima and Jin Mandir holds the highest esteem and regard in Jain community. And given the honour of a Tirthankar Himself, the land is considered sacred where a Jin Pratima or Jin Mandir is situated.

ANJANSHALAKHA PRAN PRATISTHA Mahotsav is celebrated with great festivities and merriment.

One such historic Anjanshalakha Pran Pratistha Mahotsav is coming to our city; Mumbai.

Shankheshwarpuram Tirth is being constructed enroute Palitana. Mulnayak Shri Shankheshwar Parasvanath Dada’s historic and memorable Anjanshalakha Pran Pratistha Mahotsav is to be held from 20th – 27th January @ Cross Maidan, Churchgate, Mumbai.

We invite you all to be a part of this grand event with your families and friends and spread the word around.

Jai Jinendra …

Shankheshwarpuram – Jain Science City

When we talk about “Shankheshwar” the grand, magnificent, beautiful Shankheshwar Tirth floats on our minds and blurs our vision. Nestled in the interiors of Gujarat it’s a center of faith and belief for millions of devotees from all around the world who just cant get enough of the Almighty Prashwanath Dada Himself.

Bird Eye View of S’puram Campus

Being inspired by the mystical land itself, An intuitive Visionary P.P.Anoyogacharya Labdhichandrasagarji Maharaj for the well-being of other remaining millions got aadesh from Dada and inspired a Tirth called “SHANKHESHWARPURAM” enroute the pious and holy land of Palitana (Shaturnjay).

P.P.Anoyogacharya Labdhichandrasagarji Maharaj has not only inspired another tirth but has a broader vision on creating a structure that will cater to the contemporary mindsets of young and old with faith, logic and reasoning. It has become the mission of his life to bring back the estranged sections of the Jain community under one roof with the concept of a JAIN SCIENCE CITY. His pragmatic discourses has changed lives of people who come in contact with him. He has been striving relentlessly for years to serve the JinShashan and create a sense of pride and honour in the minds of all the Jains. His logical & insightful reasoning with a compassionate approach has won hearts of millions.

After years of seminars and shibirs conducted at various cities of the country based on Science and Jainism now Gurudev is focused on having a permanent structure to facilitate the research and study behind the same at this JAIN SCIENCE CITY @ Shankheshwarpuram.

Proposed Plan of Tirth

A Research Center, A Laboratory, A Meditation Center, Spiritual Healing Center, Dharmshala, Paushadshala, Bhojanshala are part of the momentous plan. Overall a “Jain Science City”.

The strategically located tirth will be visited by devotees enroute the Mahatirth of Palitana which is approximately 8kms from Songadh and 15kms from Palitana. They can witness and also be a part of the research that will be conducted at the Center. Spiritual and Mental well being of the devotees is the motto of the mission.

What is Shankheshwarpuram – Jain Science City actually?

So speaking more about “SHANKHESHWARPURAM”

The Temple is inspired by the structure and will be a replica of The Shankheshwar Paraswanath Tirth at Shankheshwar, Viramgam.


What does the “research” word imply? And what is the science city all about?

Have you ever had questions mentioned below come to your mind ever?

  • What is the structural significance of a Temple and the Idol?
  • Why is the facet, idols, courtyards, sanctums a powerhouse of positivity?
  • How does the delicate carving and structure emit tremendous divine energy?
  • How does Anjanshalakha and Pran Pratistha initiate a lifeless stone into Godliness?
  • How to balance the 7 chakras with Puja, Chaityavandan and Meditation?

And much more… to answer these questions and resolve it into faith and ultimately Samyak Darshan, we are making a humble effort for the same at the JAIN SCIENCE CITY @ SHANKHESHWARPURAM. 

Shankheshwarpuram will be connected with our audiences by regular blogs on various topics that have faith intertwined with impeccable logic and reasoning to deepen the devotion.

Stay connected to us and share the blog to widen the faith .

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