Anjanshalaka Pran Pratistha

“Anjanshalakha Pran Pratistha” is rather a familiar concept to us but we are very unfamiliar about the significance and importance of the actual procedure behind it. We have seen the glamour and pomp of the event but never pondered to understood its true essence. Let’s try to get to know the term “Anjanshalakha Pran Pratistha” […]

Shankheshwarpuram – Jain Science City

When we talk about “Shankheshwar” the grand, magnificent, beautiful Shankheshwar Tirth floats on our minds and blurs our vision. Nestled in the interiors of Gujarat it’s a center of faith and belief for millions of devotees from all around the world who just cant get enough of the Almighty Prashwanath Dada Himself. Being inspired by […]

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